Friday, August 23, 2019

The second story in the SexScape series is out now

Maddy’s “career” is in personal injury law, representing plaintiffs in silly lawsuits. To escape, she plays SexScape on her tablet computer. One night, after winning a particularly difficult level, she finds herself whooshed into the game itself and confronted by an indecently attractive man who claims his name is Sir Spanksalot. Spanking is not her thing, but blazing hot sex with Spanksalot is.
Spanksalot is sure The League has chosen this difficult but seductive woman to be his mate. Only two problems -- she seems to be in love with a man named Samuel. And she has a hang-up about his specialty, spanking. Turns out Samuel is Maddy’s fantasy lover and no threat to Spanksalot. When Maddy discovers the fun of having her bottom gently paddled, the two of them become a match made in SexScape.
"This was a quick read, and totally different than anything I have read before. I thought it would have just been a spanking book, but it is and it isn't. It's really a great book that stretches one's imagination in the gaming world."
-- 4 Stars from Mozzy, Amazon Review
 This series is so much fun.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.