Friday, June 14, 2019

New series from Changeling Press

I have a new series of stories from Changeling Press called SexScape.  The first is available now.


One night, after a particularly frustrating loss at her favorite game, SexScape, Grace finds herself whooshed away into a cottage belonging to one of SexScape’s most infuriating characters — King Trickster. Only in the flesh, the king isn’t a squat little guy zipping around the game board on a toy motorcycle. He’s full-sized and eager to show her all the delights SexScape has to offer. He even drives a great big hog of a bike. Now she has to figure out how to get past League rules so she can stick around.
Trickster can feel in his bones that Grace is meant to be his partner, but first he has to convince her that everything here — including the delicious sex — is real. Then, she’ll have to prove herself worthy of entry into The League. Will they live sexily ever after?
You can read a short excerpt here:
You can buy the story here:
I hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Captain and Countess on sale for 99 cents until the end of June

On sale for 99 cents until the end of June
4.5 out of 5 stars

Captain Jason Northcross desperately desires his sister, Lily, to marry into noble society. To achieve a duchy for his sister, he needs a proper marriage for himself. His status guarantees an easily achieved betrothal, and he should have no trouble selecting one of the eligible young ladies during his party in the countryside. However, distracted from his goal, he has a hard time keeping his hands off his neighbor, Lady Rushford.

The late Earl of Rushford's widow, Bess Webster, believes romance has passed her by. So why can’t she keep Captain Northcross out of her dreams? And how does he inflame passions she didn’t know she had? While she should be focused on penning novels and finding husbands for her friends, her thoughts center on broad shoulders and laughing green eyes.

"Jane Austen haunts the pages of this regency romance, and she does so with a vigorous nod of approval. I'm difficult to please when it comes to historical fiction because it's so tough to capture use of language and tone without sounding contrived, but Ms. Gaines's prose is an effortless read, beautifully paced, and brimming with evocative detail of period and place. The novel departs from conventional offerings in this genre with characters that are fresh, multi-faceted, and richly layered."  Amazon reviewer

Monday, March 26, 2018

A few pictures from my trip to the Galapagos

I was supremely fortunate to be able to take a National Geographic cruise around the Galapagos Islands (off the west coast of Ecuador).  As you no doubt know, the animals Darwin found on these islands were instrumental in his formulation of the theory of evolution through natural selection.

This was my lovely cabin on the National Geographic Islander run by Lindblad Expeditions.  So cozy.  I miss it and the amazing food.  Only trouble is I fell in love with Ecuadorian beer and cant find it in the US.

As we approached a small hill, we heard a strange call, and our naturalist became excited.  "I have a treat for you," she said.

Twenty-two flamingoes marched by on their way to a lagoon for their breakfast.  My brother-in-law got his camera out quickly and took this picture.

Here's the lovely countryside on Santa Cruz Island.

And one of the highlights of my trip...a chance to sit down with a Galapagos tortoise.  The fields near the restaurant where we had lunch on Santa Cruz were full of these amazing creatures.  I sat down with this one, and we looked at each other for about twenty minutes until it started to rain.

What a gorgeous animal.  I miss him!

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Now out from Entangled Scorched

Sex columnist Désirée “Rae” Knight is in a bind—and not the kind she usually likes. Her newest assignment, and possible big break, is an article for her magazine on the sex resort that just opened. The only problem is it’s couples only. Although she writes about having red-hot sex, she’s been single longer than she’d like to admit. Enter her coffee shop crush, who she’s been secretly ogling every morning. Trouble is, he doesn’t know she exists.

When Nate Winslow recognizes the shy, quiet woman at Sufficient Grounds as the author of the sex columns that fuel his fantasies, he’s surprised. And the last thing he expects is an invitation to join her at a sex resort. But his answer is hell yes!

Rae and Nate have enough chemistry in the bedroom to set the sheets ablaze. When Rae insists they limit their relationship to sex only, Nate agrees since he’s burned out on love. But the more they push each other’s boundaries, the more they realize one week won’t be enough.

“Intense, romantic and erotic!” –Charly M., NetGalley

“This is a sizzling hot intense and erotic romance.” –Shannon’s Bookish Life

“While this was an erotic romance and had plenty of sexy times, Ms Gaines managed to make it not all about sex by creating well-rounded backstories for Rae and Nate. They became more than just people having a good time for a week with no strings attached sex at a sex resort.
They were people with feelings, fears, hopes and dreams. The sex made for a spicy read but their personalities brought depth and meaning to the story.” –Deanna L., NetGalley

“Hot, hot, hot!” –Erika C., NetGalley

“There’s so much more to this sizzling romance than just the sexy times, and I loved it!”
–Monica B., NetGalley

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Captain and Countess is on sale for 99 cents until July 11

Captain and Countess was one of the first ten books selected for the Kindle Scout program.  Some of the reviewers have said the following:

Jane Austen haunts the pages of this regency romance, and she does so with a vigorous nod of approval…It makes perfect sense that Alice Gaines is an award-winning novelist--she writes well and shows an astute, timeless understanding of human nature.

The book delivers in spades. Excellent writing and editing. Lively dialogue. Good pacing. And OMG, blow your socks off sensuous love scenes!

Thanks to my readers who've made the book so successful.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

One week only

Entangled Publishing is holding a 99 cents sale for selected Lovestruck titles,  including my Just One Week.

Keeping his hands off is a test he’s bound to fail…
Her brother’s best friend is not only the hottest man Michelle Dennis has ever seen, he’s the reason she left town eight years ago. Of course he’s the one waiting at the airport. Worse, he made sure they’re staying in the same house.

Alex Stafford is expecting to pick up his friend’s kid sister, not a full-fledged bombshell. He was planning to apologize for their past, but the feelings he had years ago come roaring back…and this time, there’s no denying them.

Keeping his hands off is a test he’s bound to fail—especially when they’re stuck in close quarters. But falling in love with Michelle, living in her world, isn’t an option for a guy like him. And remembering that will save them both a lot of heartache…

“Alice Gaines will tantalize your romance tastebuds with a book you can’t put down until the very last page.” – Jasmine Haynes, New York Times bestselling author of Somebody’s Love                                      

Friday, September 9, 2016

Upcoming blog tour for my new release from Entangled Lovestruck:

4 stars "Great read by Alice Gaines. Fantastic story of young love getting a second chance to make the right choices." ~Katie Gustafson, NetGalley review

4 stars "I love a good friends to lovers book and this one was awesome!" ~Logan's Book Sports Section

5 stars "Love it!! Hot sex and sweet romance." ~Karla Andrews, Goodreads review

4 stars "I read this story in one night because I couldn't put it is cute and the chemistry between the main characters was explosive." ~Romancing the Laser Pistol

4 stars "It was cute and quick and fun. Loved the sense of family that they all have in this book. Great read." ~Addicted to Books

4 stars "Super fun, cute read....definitely left me smiling and it's a book I would highly recommend." ~Bette Hansen, Goodreads review

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