Friday, May 11, 2012

Sinful Wager is Joyfully Recommended

by Shayna

Marty Davis is bored. Everything comes too easily for her and she just can’t help but want something more. When a couple of wrong turns at The Pleasure Palace lead her to a casino unlike any she’s ever seen, Marty is hooked. At this casino, the machines pay out with sex and they pay out often. But what Marty can’t understand is what kind of a business the owner is running – the casino can’t possibly be turning a profit. Her quest for answers only brings about more questions when Marty discovers that she’s wandered into hell. The casino is run by Lucifer and he’s hotter than any hellfire he could conjure up. Marty’s attracted to Lucifer, but she wants more than a tumble with the dark lord himself. She wants to be his business partner. So she proposes a wager: if she can make Lucifer beg to give her an orgasm, she can stay on as his partner. But when dealing with the devil, a woman’s got to be very crafty indeed. Lucifer better get ready, because hell’s about to get a lot hotter with Marty in town…

Fun. Pure, wicked fun is exactly what Sinful Wager is. Alice Gaines takes Marty on an erotic adventure that scintillates and singes with its heat. It’d be easy to find Marty unsympathetic – she has everything anyone could want and yet she’s bored. But Ms. Gaines makes Marty a clever, likeable heroine you have to root for. As for Lucifer, he’s also suffering from ennui, but Marty seems to breathe new life into him and his casino. I loved watching Marty and Lucifer spar. It was almost hilarious seeing her outwit the devil himself. The two are a great pair, which is what makes Sinful Wager a memorable read. And of course, I can’t write about Sinful Wager without mentioning the off-the charts eroticism. Whether we’re talking the action in the casino or Lucifer and Marty hitting the sheets, Ms. Gaines knows how to turn the heat up high and keep it that way. All in all, I found Sinful Wager to be a red-hot, highly addictive story that I happily, Joyfully Recommend!