Thursday, August 16, 2012

Available now: Marked from Changeling Press

In a world full of poverty and disease, a poor woman's best chance for an existence free of hunger is to serve as a warlord's concubine. It's Marker's job to use his bite to claim women as Lord Haddem's. One of his recruits holds great sexual power over him. He must have her, but if they're discovered, Haddem will have them both killed.

Kamya hopes to find a protector in the warlord's court so that she can help her parents. Can she use Marker's desire for her to achieve her aims? If she gives in to her lust for him, she could get them both killed. What kind of future can they make for themselves in such a savage world?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Excerpt from Cabin Fever: Mating Season

After tossing back the covers, she swung her legs over the side of the bed and sat up to give herself a long cat-stretch. The illuminated dial of the clock on the bedside table showed two-thirty. Even a workaholic like Nolan Hersch would be asleep now. She could ambush him. If he couldn’t get it up again, he’d have to admit defeat. But if he could…yum.

She rose, pulled her nightgown over her head to remove it, and went in search of her prey. She had to cross through the main living area of the cabin to get to his room, and she noticed out of the corner of her eye that the piles of the clothing they’d worn hours ago still lay where they’d fallen. With any luck, he slept in the nude. If he didn’t, she’d get him that way quickly.

The bedroom doors didn’t have locks on them, so she opened his and slipped inside. It creaked a bit, but he didn’t move or make any sound except for the steady rhythm of his breathing. Sure enough, when she lifted the covers and slid in next to him, she encountered only flesh, all the way down to his butt, which was as firm and rounded as it appeared beneath his slacks. What she hadn’t expected was the softness of his skin. Like velvet. Yards and yards of velvet on a body of his size.

He’d taken up the middle of the mattress, and she had to perch herself on one side to keep from falling off. With her hand on his shoulder, she burrowed her nose into the hairs at the nape of his neck. He had his own scent, kind of a combination of soap and spice with a masculine musk beneath. A prime breeding specimen, this one. Thanks to her pills, she wouldn’t breed, but she’d do everything else.

When she wrapped her arm around him, he didn’t stir except to issue a little snort. Still not ready to give up her explorations of his body, she held perfectly still until he settled back into sleep. Now she could let her hand wander over his chest, memorizing the curve of his muscles with her palms. She’d felt their firmness against her breasts earlier. She hadn’t had a chance to circle a finger around his flat nipple, though, so she did it now.

He did exactly what she would at the caress of a nipple—exactly what she had done, in fact, with this man, several times. He tensed, no doubt experiencing a jolt of pleasure like the many he’d given her. If she continued, he wouldn’t be able to stay asleep much longer, so she might as well get to the meat of things. As it were.

Skimming her hand lower, she passed the flat plane of his belly. Did he come by this body naturally, or did he have to work at it? Everything came easy for him, so he probably ate what he wanted and did what he wanted and ended up buff, anyway. She ought to hate him for that, but then, she didn’t have to marry the man. She only needed to wear him out sexually.   Finally, she arrived at her destination...