Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Royal Affair is out now!


Everyone loved the father of my heroes from the other books in the Princes of Dansilova stories, so I finally wrote the father's story.  This is a novella, so it only costs 99 cents.

Can one man find profound love three times in one lifetime?

Prince Royal Friedrich VonRamsberg’s life has been devoted to his duty to country and family. After many years as a widower, he finds himself feeling the stirring of love (and yes, desire) with a long-time family friend. Can he forge a lasting relationship so late in life?

Lady Marta Damrova has loved Friedrich VonRamsberg since she was a child. Believing he was beyond her reach, she married a much older man and thought she’d settled down. With their spouses passed on, they’re both free to love again. Will they find happiness in each other’s arms, or will an old secret tear them apart?