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From Changeling Press

What do you do when you find a little, green man in the backyard arguing with the garden gnome?


When Marla Roberts gets lost in the Northern California redwood forest, she doesn’t expect to find a gingerbread cottage inhabited by two hunky males with pointy ears and flaming red hair. They’re elves, they tell her, and so is she.


From Red Sage Publishing

Guy's only choice is to take for himself what is too precious to waste on her betrothed. He will exercise his droit de seigneur, his right of first night, and Claire's virginity will be his to claim.

If only this single night could last a lifetime....


Part of the Three Kinds of Wicked series

But Trey may be able to help them find bliss in the bedroom. Can they trust this mysterious stranger? Can they take him into their marital bed so that both husband and stranger will make love to Margaret? How else will Edward learn to touch his woman....



Paired with The Wicked Wife

These stories revisit Lysistrata, 21st Century style


From Spice Briefs


One woman, two men, and a long, dark train tunnel


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