Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Great new review of Dragon Shift

Whipped Cream review of Dragon Shift

It's always great to see a nice review.  Thank you, Holly!

"Ilona's always dreamed of her dragon. Now that she's grown, the images have become so erotic no real man can compete with them. But lately, she keeps getting jolts of sexual energy, and she needs relief. So when a hunk of male flesh named Zimm shows up on the scene, she's tempted to finally lose her virginity. Drake, crown prince of the realm of dragons, seeks his mate so that he can help her with her first shift. Unfortunately, he finds her living with demons, and one in particular has nearly seduced her into his bed. Drake now has to convince Ilona that she's his princess, and the best way is to take her on their mating flight.

"Ms Gaines has created a fun and unusual world, with dragons and demons and lots of hot and steamy “unsex” if you will. Ilona manges to have more hot times without actually doing the deed than any other heroine I have read. I laughed at the lengths she went to in order to prevent the actual loss of innocence. This is for all of you out there who like to laugh and enjoy a hot time, with just a bit of danger thrown in for the fun of it."

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