Thursday, December 1, 2011

New release! Nightwatch from Red Sage

Note:  This excerpt is PG, but the story itself is erotic.

Janice went into the kitchenette and found a bottle of flavored iced tea in the refrigerator, Ann hovering right behind her the whole time. When Janice turned around, she found her sister’s face nearly touching hers.

“Perch somewhere, would you?” she said. “I can’t think with you crowding.”

“Okay.” Ann sat on one of the stools at the serving area of the counter. “Shoot.”

Janice got out two glasses and filled them with ice. “That man…Sam…lives across the courtyard.”


She poured their drinks and sat on the stool across from Ann. The whole thing about watching him had been eating at her. She had to tell someone or she’d go nuts. Her sister might get meddlesome from time to time, but she didn’t blab.

“Absolute, most sacred pledge of secrecy,” she said.

Ann’s eyes grew round. “Wow, must be good.”

“I mean it,” Janice said. “If you tell, I take your firstborn and sacrifice him to Satan.”

“Come on. You know I don’t repeat things.”

“Not even to Ralph.” Janice didn’t need her brother-in-law looking at her funny at family reunions.

“Spill, Janice.”

“That man, Sam Windsor.” She took a fortifying drink of her tea. “His bedroom faces mine across the courtyard.”

“Okay.” Ann leaned toward her as if expecting the real story.

“You don’t understand.” Janice set her glass down and rose. “Follow me.”

Janice led her sister into the bedroom and to the window in question. “Look.”

Ann did. “You have a pretty good view.”

“Not only that, but you know about the acoustics out there.”

“Ahhh.” The light dawned in Anne’s eyes. “You can hear him, too.”

“A few nights ago, he had a visitor, and he left the window open.”

“He did? Doesn’t he know how sound travels out there?”

Janice shrugged. “He’s new to the building.”

“So he had a visitor in his bedroom.”

Janice went to the bed and sank onto it. “A woman…and they were…with the window open and the blinds up.”

“Oh.” Ann stared in that direction again as if something really interesting might happen. “I see.”

“You don’t, but I did,” Janice said. “You’d better come away from there.”

“Yeah.” Ann sat next to Janice on the bed.

“They were going at it. Doggie style.” She still had those images in her head. The way he‘d done the nasty with that woman. The expressions on his face the whole time. “I could see everything.”


“I do mean everything.”

Ann fanned herself. “What did you do?”

“I watched.” There, she’d said it. She’d peeped in on a couple making love. Did that make her some kind of pervert?

“I slunk down by the windowsill and watched the whole thing,” Janice said.

“Well, um…” Ann’s face turned red with embarrassment. But then, she’d always blushed easily. “That’s not illegal. At least, I don’t think it is.”

“I sure hope not.”

Ann bit her lip for a moment. “Is he, that is, how is he…is it…?”

“Big. Really, really big.”

Ann fanned herself. “Oh, my God. And he’s drop-dead gorgeous.”

“Plus, he’s really good with his fingers.” And his mouth. She wouldn’t forget his mouth. “You should have heard the noises she made.”

“Well.” Ann cleared her throat. “I’m sure he’ll keep the blinds down in the future.”

“Um…not exactly.”

Ann put her hand on Janice’s arm. “You mean you saw more?”

“Last night, he had a man.”


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